WATCH | Customer angry about refund trashes Indy store, threatens workers with gun

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A customer trashed an Indianapolis store while trying to get a refund for his phone.

According to an incident report from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, the customer, who goes by the name “Mike,” showed up at Get Connected Wireless and Smokeshop, 5955 N. Michigan Rd., on Friday.

The owner, Mohammad Albared, said the customer bought a phone and wanted to return it for cash. He said Mike had bought the phone a few days before using a credit card and didn’t want it anymore. Mike came into the store Thursday to get his money back.

Albared told him that he needed the same credit card he’d used to buy the phone in order to get the refund, but the customer claimed he’d lost the card. He returned with the card about an hour later and Albared said the store credited his card with a refund.

On Friday, Mike—with his girlfriend in tow—returned to the store angry that the card hadn’t yet been credited for the return. Albared said Mike then demanded his money back; the store owner told him the credit probably hadn’t been processed by the bank yet.

According to the police report, the customer said he wanted his $300 in cash or “he was going to destroy the store.” He threw merchandise around and knocked over a display. He also busted a table and four windows, according to the report.

Security video from the store showed part of the confrontation.

After leaving the store, the customer got into his Hummer and pulled out a gun, saying that someone should “come outside so I can shoot your a**.”

He never pointed the gun at anyone, police said. The report listed vandalism and intimidation as possible offenses in the case.


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