Court docs: Police catch man in the act of molesting girl in back seat of SUV in Plainfield


Matthew Woolard

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PLAINFIELD, Ind. – A tip helped officers catch a man in the act of molesting a little girl, police say.

According to the Plainfield Police Department, police received a call around 9:40 p.m. on Jan. 6 about a suspicious vehicle parked at the dead end of a parking lot in the Gladden Farms apartment complex.

Police said there were two people in the backseat of the SUV: 26-year-old Matthew Woolard and a little girl.

According to court documents, officers found Woolard nude from the waist down in the back seat of the SUV. He initially told police he’d spilled something on his pants and needed to change.

During a subsequent interview, he changed his story, telling police he’d been watching porn on his phone while babysitting and pulled over for some privacy.

The girl had fallen asleep in the back seat but then woke up, Woolard said. He sat next to her while he engaged in a sex act and had her participate, according to court documents.

Woolard was arrested on charges of child molestation, public indecency and public nudity, and taken to the Hendricks County Jail.

Plainfield police said the case shows the importance of “see something, say something,” adding that Woolard’s conduct might have gone unnoticed if someone hadn’t reported the suspicious activity.

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