Central Indiana woman becomes target of ‘sextortion’ as man threatens to ‘ruin her life’


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4 Fast Facts

  • Johnson County woman targeted in “sextortion” scam
  • Man she chatted with online convinced her to send nude pictures and other information
  • He then threatened to expose her if she didn’t send him $3,400
  • The threats escalated and eventually included her children and ex-husband

JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. – A central Indiana woman looking for companionship online became victim of a sextortion scam that became increasingly worse, police say.

According to a report from the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office, the woman, 43, used an app called “Skout” to meet friends and “maybe a guy to date.” A man identifying himself as “John Alani” contacted her this week and urged her to get on the messaging app “Kik.”

While they sent messages back and forth, the man convinced the woman to send him nude photos. She also sent him photos of her driver’s license along with other things like her social security number, ex-husband’s name and other information, police said.

Later, the man sent a message telling her he had her kids’ names and school information. He threatened her, telling her he’d post her pictures online if she didn’t pay him $3,400. She said she didn’t have that kind of money; the man replied that she’d “go to jail for 22 years” if she didn’t pay up. He sent her photos of other women, claiming he’d gotten them thrown into jail.

Other messages followed, police said. The man claimed he was in the military and sent a picture of a man in uniform. He sent another picture of a man holding a small child, but the woman said the photos didn’t look like the same person.

More threats poured in, with the man claiming he’d get her ex-husband and children thrown in jail unless she sent a money order to Nigeria.

The man contacted her again through Skout; she informed him that she’d called police and wouldn’t send him any money. He claimed he was going to call police and tell them she’d murdered someone and that he “was going to ruin her life and post pictures of her kids’ school on the internet.”

Police advised the woman not to send the money and told her to contact the Social Security Office to have her number flagged. They also advised her to check bank accounts and credit cards for any unusual activity.

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