Bloomington rape suspect faces new charges in connection with 1999 cold case sexual assault

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UPDATE: On Thursday, February 4, Honeycutt entered a guilty plea, and he was sentenced in both cases. He pleaded guilty to rape in the 2015 case; the other charges were dismissed. He was sentenced to 40 years in DOC (with 10 suspended). For the 1999 case, he pleaded guilty to rape, and the burglary charge was dismissed. He was sentenced to 15 years in DOC for that case.

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (July 8, 2015)– New charges were filed against a man arrested in connection with the sexual assault of a 72-year-old Bloomington woman last month. He is also the suspect in a 1999 cold case assault.

The suspect faces one felony count of rape and one felony count of burglary in connection with the 1999 case.

Police said 34-year-old Jerald Honeycutt’s DNA matched the sample taken at the scene of an assault in 1999. Authorities said the suspect climbed through the window of a 62-year-old woman’s house and raped her.

Honeycutt was arrested July 6 on charges of rape, burglary, intimidation, confinement and strangulation after police said he sexually assaulted a 73-year-old woman on June 14. The victim was able to press a medical alert button in the bedroom that emitted a series of tones that startled the suspect, who fled out a sliding door.

DNA analysis led Bloomington Police to Honeycutt, who provided a matching DNA sample to police.

Officials with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office say they plan to reached out to the victim of the 1999 assault in order to file these additional charges.

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