2nd killing at troubled housing complex on Indy’s northeast side in 1 week


INDIANAPOLIS — Indianapolis community leaders are calling for action after a second homicide happened at the same northeast side housing complex within a week.

Friday night, two men were shot at Towne and Terrace near 42nd and Post. One was sent to the hospital and the other died on the scene. A week before on June 19, a deadly shooting claimed the life of 27-year-old Zyair Herron.

There have now been six homicides at this property in less than three years. In addition to the two most recent homicides, someone stabbed 57-year-old Earnest Jones to death at Towne and Terrace in December of 2019.

In June of 2018, police found 32-year-old Anthony Eldridge shot to death in a vacant apartment.

And in January of that year, 19-year-old Trevon Mann was murdered inside another vacant unit, and 26-year-old Derik Daniels was shot to death inside a car parked in the complex.

Indianapolis Ten Point Coalition patrolled this area near 42nd and Post starting in 2018 until this year. Its president, Reverend Charles Harrison, explained this complex is a problem area because many of the units are either vacant or in disrepair.

“First thing we noticed as Ten Point in the area was the large amount of drug trafficking that was taking place in that complex. It is all over.” he said. “That is what makes it difficult to stop the drug trafficking there because they use some of the vacant buildings to hide drugs.”

The city and home owners association have been locked in a legal fight for years after the city acquired nearly 100 units as part of a long-term demolition plan. It was put on hold by a court order.

“If you can’t get it torn down, something needs to happen,” explained Harrison. “If not, you are going to continue to have a problem at Towne and Terrace.”

Reverend James Jackson is the lead pastor at Fervent Prayer Church, which is just two miles from Towne and Terrace.

“Crime in the area has gotten out of hand,” said Jackson. “We need to make sure we are collaborating with every group that has something to contribute to help prevent crime.”

Friday night’s shooting marks the 106th homicide in the city so far this year, which is keeping Indianapolis on pace for a record number of homicides. Community leaders are keeping an eye on this troubled property as they continue to call for violence to stop.

“This is always going to be a problem unless you change the conditions of what that complex looks like,” said Harrison.

Five of the six homicides in Towne and Terrace remain unsolved. Anyone with information on those cases can still contact Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

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