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INDIANAPOLIS (Dec. 29, 2015) –Construction workers and cable manufactures tested a new design Tuesday to lower the IndyCar at the city’s New Year’s Eve celebration.

“It was completely safe last year, but now the aesthetics have been improved to contribute to an incredible midnight experience,” Downtown Indy’s Senior VP of Marketing and Events Bob Schultz said.

Last year was the first time for the city’s Indy Car drop NYE celebration on Georgia Street.

“Last year we were so surprised how windy Georgia Street got right before midnight,” Schultz said.

The strong winds caused the car to sway and spin on its way down to the ground.

“So it felt like a little bit more like a piñata,” Schultz said.

The solution came from Indianapolis-based Tway Lifting Products. The company designed cables that run along the sides of the car to keep it stable and on time for midnight.

“These are high-strength cables,” Tway Lifting Products President Peter Hansen said. “Their capacity is around 14,000 pounds each so we should have suitable strength to carry the high wind loads we should see.”

Organizers expect a large attendance again this year and say the weather will be better than last year when temperatures were below zero.

“It’s where the people are going to be,” Schultz said. “So if you want to be in the heart of that the energy of our downtown, there is no greater time than New Years Eve this year.”