INDIANAPOLIS – An accused killer is behind bars in connection with a double murder on Indy’s near east side.

Police say eyewitnesses coupled with license plate readers helped them track down the suspect just two hours after the killings.

Just before noon on Thursday, IMPD officers were called to an apartment building along North Walcott and found two men dead inside.

Those victims were identified as 50-year-old Larry Moorman and his 23-year-old stepson Shawn Barnett.

Police claim witnesses helped identify the suspect as 42-year-old Jermaine Randle, who was allegedly seen on home surveillance cameras driving away from the scene shortly after the shooting.

“Today the message is people are cooperating with police. The more often people provide information the higher the likelihood we’re going to be able to solve crimes,” said IMPD Lt. Shane Foley.

According to the affidavit, Randle believed the victims had raped a female acquaintance of his and the shooting was revenge.

Yet the suspect also showed signs of psychosis during the police interview, throwing tables and chairs, as well as masturbating and urinating on the floor.

Whatever the motive, police claim the suspect’s car was spotted by license plate readers Thursday afternoon near 79th and Michigan.

That allowed officers to locate and arrest Randle, but the information about the suspect’s car would not have been possible without the public’s help.

“Time and time again we’ve said this isn’t just a police problem. Solving crimes isn’t just about the police. It takes cooperation from members of the community,” said Foley. “So, the more people that work with us, the more likely we’re going to be able to bring justice to the families of those victims.”

While interviewing Randle’s female acquaintance, police say that woman told police Randle was “avenging” her.

Police say she also showed erratic behavior during the interview.

Police claim she asked to go to the bathroom when she reached into her underwear and pulled out a bottle of urine. She told detectives to hold the urine because she had to pass a drug test and needed the urine clean.

A similar bottle of urine was found in Randle’s underwear when he was searched by detectives.

According to neighbors both Randle and the woman have severe drug problems.

Randle is being held without bond pending the filing of formal charges.

Sadly, members of Moorman’s family say the double homicide isn’t the first tragedy to impact the family in recent months.

Last July Larry Moorman’s nephew Kyle and Kyle’s three young kids were found dead in a car submerged in a pond on Indy’s southwest side.