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FORT WAYNE, Ind.—A Fort Wayne mother who admitted to murdering her two children has an extensive record with child protective services, new court documents reveal.

The documents detail Amber Pasztor’s history with the Department of Child Services between 2011 and 2015.

Charged with Murder:

Pasztor is currently being held in the Elkhart County jail without bail pending her upcoming murder trial. On September 26, 2016, Police launched a state-wide Amber Alert after Pasztor admittedly broke into her father’s Fort Wayne home and took her non-custodial children.

Hours later, Pasztor flagged down an officer outside the Elkhart Police Department and explained that her two kids, Liliana Hernandez, 7, and Rene Pasztor, 6, were dead in the backseat. She later allegedly admitted to smothering the two children with her bare hands before they died.

Pasztor is also a suspect in the murder of Frank Macomber, 66. Macomber was originally listed in the Amber Alert when the children and Pasztor first went missing, but his body was found in a wooded part of Fort Wayne the morning after the alert went out. Investigators believe Pasztor shot Macomber and took his car.

Pasztor has confessed several times to all three killings and is scheduled for a jury trial on March 20, 2017. She has previously said she will accept life imprisonment.

DCS Background:

Pasztor was no stranger to social workers, rehab and police. Court records show in recent years, the mother of three bounced between Texas and Fort Wayne, often leaving Rene, Liliana and a third child with various family members.

The first Department of Child Services (DCS) reports were filed back in 2011. There were nearly a dozen assessments for child neglect or abuse. She was accused of leaving her kids unattended, abandoning them for long periods of time, failing to treat bipolar disorder and more.

Most of the claims were deemed “unsubstantiated.” In March 2015, the case escalated.

Pasztor was arrested in Texas. Police say they found her with cocaine in her purse. She was released a few weeks later and traveled back to Indiana, where she turned herself in on an unrelated warrant.

A tipster called DCS and alerted them to Pasztor’s incarceration. The department stepped in and took her kids away.

A final DCS report was issued after Pasztor lost custody. A tipster feared Pasztor would kidnap her kids if and when she got out of jail.

The family in charge of taking care of Liliana and Rene expressed their own concerns.

Desperate emails were sent to case workers in 2015 that said Rene was out of control and tried to kill his sister by drowning her in a kiddie pool.

From March 2015 to Sept. 2016, the children remained in custody of Pasztor’s parents. Then, On Sept. 26, the Amber Alert was issued. Later that night, both children were found dead.

Also included in the 1,000-page report were the statements Pasztor made after her arrest. She claimed a Mexican drug cartel was after her, and that she kidnapped and killed her kids before the cartel could.