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JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. — A man who police say shot at an officer responding to a domestic disturbance report faces formal charges related to the case.

The Johnson County Prosecuting Attorney announced the formal charges against Andrew McQuinn Thursday. McQuinn faces charges of attempted murder, possession of a firearm by a serious violent felon, domestic battery with a child present, theft of a firearm, and possession of a handgun without a license.

The charges stem from a February 9 incident where police say McQuinn shot at an officer who was responding to a report of a domestic violence incident at Clay Crossing Apartments.

A charging document filed against McQuinn states that an officer arrived at the scene and found a man matching the description of the domestic violence suspect standing by dumpsters in the parking lot.

When the officer looked to confirm the apartment location, the affidavit said he heard gunshots and saw the man firing in his direction. The officer got to a safe location before approaching with his own handgun.

The officer went to where the shooter was, and two witnesses told him that the shooter threw his weapon down and was lying on the sidewalk.

Other officers arrived and took the man into custody. The document states an officer found the man’s license, identifying him as McQuinn.

The victim in the domestic violence case told police that McQuinn and a group of friends were drinking the night before the shooting. The next morning, they learned that one of their friends was in the hospital after an overdose. She says McQuinn started drinking again.

Later that day, the victim says McQuinn starting arguing with her, accusing her of cheating. He eventually hit her before she left to pick up her daughter. When she returned, she says McQuinn continued yelling at her in front of the child.

The victim went to put her handgun in her safe but noticed that it was missing. She said the gun that McQuinn used in the shooting was hers, and she did not give him permission to use it.

When police took McQuinn to the hospital before taking him to jail, officers say McQuinn was bragging about the shooting, telling those around him that he “tried to kill a cop tonight because that’s what we do.”

The jail officers also say McQuinn described the gun saying it was “the gun I tried to waste you fools with tonight. We shoot around here one round at a time… four bangs because I’m not a good guy.”

He also allegedly threatened a jail officer saying “these chains you have on me give me more than enough room to kill you.”

If convicted, McQuinn faces a maximum of 58 years in prison and a maximum fine of $45,000.

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