INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis woman is charged with murder following a deadly hit-and-run crash on the city’s east side.

On Chester avenue last month, prosecutors believe a case of road rage ended with the death of 28-year-old Mary Adame.

“Our whole family on both sides are just destroyed,” said the victim’s boyfriend Thomas Wilhite.

Holding his 2-year-old son he shared with Mary,  Thomas describes the victim as a loving mother as well as a talented singer and cook.

“She was our rock that held everything down and now we’re scrambling to put our lives back together,” said Wilhite.

Approved picture of Mary Adame

Court records claim 21-year-old Jamaria Clay ran the victim off the road. After both Adame and Clay got out of their cars, the suspect allegedly pepper sprayed the victim before getting back behind the wheel and reversing into Adame at a high speed, pinning her between two cars.

“This was something that should not happened.  It should have been an exchange of words and go about your day,” said Wilhite.

Police quickly found the suspect’s damaged car parked in her own driveway just a block away on Denny Street.

The affidavit claims Clay had a small child in the car with her at the time of the crash and told police she panicked.

The suspect also claimed the fatal crash was an accident, telling police she hit the victim from just a few feet away.

Police recovered data from her car which showed the suspect likely drove at least 85 feet before hitting the victim.

Witnesses also insisted the crash appeared intentional because the suspect backed into the victim two times before driving away.

“I want her to know she destroyed our family,” said Wilhite.  “There’s no winner in this.  We all lost.”

Booking photo of Jamaria Clay

The case marks the third time in the last two months murder charges have been filed following a vehicular homicide around Indianapolis.   William offers a word of advice to drivers everywhere.

“Just take the time to think is this really worth it?” said Wilhite.  “Just think about your loved ones before you react to anything.  Think about what you don’t want to lose.”

The suspect is due in court for an initial hearing on Wednesday.   She’s being held without bond at the Marion County jail pending trial.