AVON, Ind. — An Avon man claimed he was showing his sister guns in his living room when a 4-year-old girl got ahold of one and fired a bullet that injured both herself and her grandmother, according to court documents.

Brandon Clark, age 25, was charged with criminal recklessness while armed with a deadly weapon after Wednesday’s incident. It happened shortly before 12:45 p.m. at a home in the 7300 block of Glensford Drive in Avon.

Court documents show that when officers arrived, they found the 4-year-old laying on a couch with Clark applying pressure to the gunshot wound on her leg. Clark had used a dog leash as a makeshift tourniquet for her. The grandmother was sitting in a recliner applying pressure to a gunshot wound on her breast, per documents.

Both the girl and her grandmother were taken to the hospital in stable condition and are expected to survive their injuries.

During separate interviews with police, both Clark and his sister explained that she visited him to discuss self defense after a recent incident at her apartment complex made her feel unsafe, documents state. Clark, his sister, the 4-year-old and the grandmother were in the living room. Clark told police that he retrieved three loaded handguns — one of which was in a holster — from his room to show his sister and sat them on the couch cushion next to him.

At one point, Clark told police “in my eyes there is no point in having unloaded pistol,” court records state.

Clark said that after he unloaded one of the guns, his sister said something that made him look at her. He said he then went to pick up another gun, but before he could, the 4-year-old grabbed it, and a shot was fired, per documents.

The sister told police she did not see the girl with the gun because she was putting her phone down when the shot was fired. The grandmother said she did not remember much from the incident because at the time she was on her phone attempting to buy a pair of pants, court documents state.

“Brandon stated that the entire time they were in the living room handling the firearms, [redacted] was interesting in what he was doing and that he was continually trying to push her away,” documents say. “Brandon went on to say ‘there is so many different places I could have done it looking back at it.’”

When asked what experience he has with firearms, Clark told police he was an “11 Bravo in the Army.”

After speaking with police, Clark was arrested and taken to the Hendricks County Jail.

Police said they collected items for evidence after being granted search warrants for the house, two cars parked in the drive way and Clark’s work truck park on the street in front of the residence.

“The ongoing issue remains the safety of firearms in homes,” said Brian Nugent, a deputy chief with the Avon Police Department. “My opinion is that over 99% of people are very responsible gun owners, and this is a very unique situation when these sort of things happen, but we encourage anybody to take steps and training, or gun locks, whatever it may be to prevent such things like this from happening,” said Nugent.

Avon police offer free gun locks to the public, along with many other agencies, and encourage people reach out if they are in need of one.