Court cases piling up against apartment owner T.E.H Realty in Marion County

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Craig Kantner says a few months ago, he came out to Lexington Park Apartments in Indianapolis to find raw sewage leaking out and flowing into a storm drain.

He says the complex reached out to his plumbing company to take a look at the issue, and it didn’t take him long to realize apartment owner T.E.H Realty is neglecting their tenants.

In Kantner’s professional opinion, he thinks the raw sewage problem was happening for a long time prior to his company being called.

“What we were called out for is to clean the sewer line, and the sewage was running on top of the ground. What caught my eye was it was running on hard services down into a storm sewer drain and into a local drainage ditch,” Kantner said.

He says it was an environmental and health issue. Kantner filed a complaint with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.

“I’m not a fan of polluting my environment, and I don’t think anyone else should either. There’s a reason we’re not a third world country, and that’s because we have standards,” said Kantner.

The problem has since been fixed, but he reached out to CBS4 after seeing Carlnita Hutchinson’s story in September.

A leak caused her ceiling to collapse. It’s fixed, but her carpets are still saturated, and now fungus is growing inside.

“You shouldn’t naturally have water in a middle of an apartment. That’s just not a natural occurrence,” Kantner said.

CBS4 found that T.E.H Realty has been taken to court nine times this year over complaints at Lexington Park Apartments.

The Marion County Health Department says most of the cases were dropped because the issues were fixed or the unit became vacant.

T.E.H Realty is due in court on October 31 because of a leak in front of Howard Stevenson’s home.

Stevenson says the apartment staff is still not keeping the property clean.

T.E.H Realty also owns Addison Creek Apartments, which has 22 pending cases.

“Landlords have a responsibility to their tenants to provide a clean and safe environment, and it’s regardless of income,” Kantner said.

Kantner knows that by speaking out, he’s putting his company at risk. However, he feels obligated to say this is wrong.

“As one human to another, you can’t be forced to live in conditions like that. Just doesn’t seem fair,” Kantner said.

CBS4’s Aaron Cantrell reached out to the owners of the property again — this was the fourth time he has contacted them in regards to the ongoing issues at Lexington Park Apartments — but they are yet to provide a response.

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