Couple delivering newspapers helps family to safety during house fire: ‘We figured God brought us here’

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A husband and wife on the east side were out delivering newspapers when they came across a house fire.

The couple credits being in the right place, at the right time. The people inside the home tell us they’re alive today because of quick actions by two strangers.

Scott Lane and Carol Peters have delivered newspapers on their route for three years.

“A normal day is really easy going, actually,” Peters explained.

But on the morning of December 19, it was the opposite of that. A fire broke out at a home on the 3500 block of Harvest Avenue.  The fire spread to the home next door. Everyone inside was asleep and in danger.

Picture provided by the Indianapolis Fire Department

“There was actually passersby who were delivering papers along with a neighbor that saw the fire and alerted the residents,” said Jason Kistler with the Indianapolis Fire Department that evening.

Scott and Carol happened to wake up and get to work a little early that morning.

“We got over here about three and we smelled something, and we didn’t know what it was and then we got around the corner and we smelled it again and we saw the smoke in the air, and we noticed the house was on fire,” Lane described.

A neighbor already attempted to alert the family, but no one woke up. As she called 911, the couple jumped into action.

“We actually just stopped the car right in the middle of the street and jumped out,” said Carol, “I was banging on that door so hard if I could have gotten in, I would have, but the screen was locked, I couldn’t get in there was no way for me to. We started knocking on this door and he ran to that one when we realized this was going to go the other way and no sooner maybe a minute I started the gas main blew and he’s like 'baby, you got to get away!' I’m like, 'I can’t get away these people are in here'.”

Scott and Carol’s persistence paid off. The family in both homes got out safely while fire crews arrived to battle the blaze.

“We figured God brought us here,” said Lane.

The homeowners told Scott and Carol, that they’re thankful they happened to be walking by at a time when their lives were at risk.

“If we wouldn’t have showed up, who would have helped the people?” said Peters.

After assisting, Scott and Carol finished delivering their newspapers that day, knowing they did the right thing.

“If anybody ever see’s anything like that, just do the best they can to help somebody out and get them out of it,” said Lane.

“Just don’t walk away,” Peters added.

The fire remains under investigation.

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