Councilors encourage community to get involved in fight for public safety in their neighborhoods


INDIANAPOLIS — Violent crime impacts neighborhoods across the city, and four city-county councilors teamed up for a virtual town hall to bring the community’s questions to leaders within the criminal justice system and public safety.

City-County Councillors Jared Evans (District 22), Crista Carlino (District 6), Jessica McCormick (District 15) and Kristin Jones (District 16) hosted the event and gave the community several weeks to submit questions.

Neighbors submitted 22 questions for IMPD, the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office and the Office of Public Health & Safety.

“I would like to see a collective effort per district, and that was our goal with us doing this together,” Jones said.

After the conclusion of the town hall, councilors hope their constituents will either stay engaged or get engaged.

“We are probably the most accessible part of government that you have,” Evans said. “You can usually call us, you can email us and we’re going to return those calls.”

Carlino encouraged people to get involved in their neighborhood watch group. As the city doles out an unprecedented amount of dollars for public safety, she says the council will make sure it’s used wisely.

“We can get quarterly meetings but also reports,” Carlino said. “We can even do audits as well. As these pots of money drain down, we’ll get those reports. The great part is, we’ll have data to see which programs work so we know what to fund in the future sustainably.”

You can find contact information for your city-county councilor at You can also watch the city-county council meetings, along with committee meetings, at

CBS4 was invited to interview councilors prior to the virtual town hall, one week after councilors we reached out to regarding violent crime in their areas ignored our requests for on-camera interviews.

Viewers and citizens of Indianapolis have indicated to CBS4 News that they demand more accountability from their elected officials in the community’s fight against violence and have requested that CBS4 News continue to press this issue with authorities.

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