INDIANAPOLIS — The Marion County Coroner has identified most of the homicide victims from the deadliest weekend in recent Indianapolis history.

From Friday through Sunday, eight people lost their lives in six separate incidents. This includes a double homicide-suicide following a standoff on the city’s west side.

The violence continued into Monday, with two more deadly shootings. On Tuesday, the Marion County Coroner provided updates in each of the deadly shootings. Here is what we know so far:

When did the shootings happen?

Who are the Victims?

What has been the city leader’s reaction?

City leaders insist they’re doing everything they can to try and reduce violence across Indy. Leaders say they remain committed to employing 50 peacemakers this year, with 40 already hired. Their goal is to interrupt potential acts of violence every day.

Mayor Joe Hogsett said he was saddened by the citywide violence over the weekend that left eight homicide victims in its wake during the first stretch of warm weather to hit Indianapolis this spring and he was asked if the mayhem is a precursor of what lies in the months ahead.

What happens next?

IMPD fears more retaliation could be in store for the east side of the city in the days to come.

“Usually 72 hours after something like this happens is when those people are the most elevated, so, for the next 72 hours afterward, we gotta be on them.”

Indy’s peacemakers, which include violence interrupters, outreach workers and life coaches, were on the streets this weekend responding to the spasm of violence.

What can community members do?

City leaders want all residents to know they play a key role in crime prevention and reduction. They remind neighbors they don’t need to wear a badge, hold an elected position or work for a non-profit to make a difference.

“As elected leaders in this city, we can’t do it alone,” said Chairman Leroy Robinson, of the city-county council’s Public Safety & Criminal Justice Committee. “IMPD cannot do it alone, the prosecutor’s office cannot do it alone. We need community organizations, businesses and churches and regular citizens to support us in this effort.”

The majority of this year’s homicides remain unsolved. Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.