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INDIANAPOLIS — There were several developments in the coronavirus pandemic that you may have missed overnight.

Here’s a look:

Strange coronavirus condition among kids found in 17 states so far. Parents, hospitals and clinics should expect to see more cases of a mystifying condition that seems to be affecting children after a bout with COVID-19, doctors say.

The condition, called multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children, appears to be a post-viral syndrome.

Doctors are investigating cases in at least 150 children, most of them in New York. But a CNN survey finds hospitals and clinics in at least 17 states and Washington, DC are checking into suspected cases.

Symptoms include persistent fever, inflammation and poor function in organs such as the kidneys or heart. Children may also show evidence of blood vessel inflammation, such as red eyes, a bright red tongue and cracked lips.

Hurry up and wait. Restaurants in Marion County hoped they’d be able to open their doors to customers this weekend, but Mayor Joe Hogsett says they will have to wait a bit longer.

Stage 2 of Hogsett’s plan to reopen the city during the pandemic doesn’t allow restaurants to open for indoor dining until at least June 1. Restaurants will be able to seat customers for outside seating only starting May 22.

“My first reaction is I wanted pick up my computer, and throw it out the window,” exclaimed Brian Shapiro, owner of Shapiro’s Deli downtown. “It doesn’t make much sense that you have Indianapolis workers that can go up to Hamilton County and Johnson County and they can work, but we can’t work here.”

Shapiro understands that people have to be safe, but he calls it a balance of economics and safety.

Marion County’s salons and barbershops still shuttered. For barbershops and salons in Marion County, it’s the same story.

Hoping to open next week, the businesses will have to wait until at least June 1.

It’s been seven long weeks since Commissary Barber and Barista in downtown Indianapolis has been open for business. Now, it will be longer.

“It sucks. We were ready to open on Monday, we’ve had everything ready to go for the last couple weeks,” said owner Brandon Burdine.

Burdine says his shop has stocked up on proper PPE and sanitizer, and had employees ready to return. Seeing other businesses in nearby counties back to work makes the wait even harder.

“I have good friends in Carmel cutting hair and it sucks to see them cutting hair and back to normal and doing their thing, when we could be there in 15 minutes but can’t do the same thing,” Burdine said.

Federal agency to release nursing home information. In a recent memo, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services said it anticipates publicly posting CDC data on nursing homes, including facility names, number of COVID-19 suspected and confirmed cases, deaths, and other data as determined appropriate, weekly by the end of May.

The data will come from the CDC National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) and will be available here. The state of Indiana has repeatedly declined to share that information.

Starting May 8, nursing homes were required to report the first week of COVID-19 data to the CDC. The facilities must do this no later than May 17. For the first time, all 15,000 nursing homes across the country will report this data directly to the CDC through its reporting tool.

In the memo, CMS said posting this nursing home data strengthens its response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and reaffirms their commitment to transparency and protecting the health and safety of nursing home residents.