Vendor error requires ISDH to correct COVID-19 vaccination data


A medical worker takes a dose of a COVID-19 vaccine in a syringe on July 6, 2021, in India. Authorities in the country believe that a Mumbai-area hospital (not pictured) is responsible for organizing fake vaccination drives, injecting thousands with a saline solution instead. (Allison Joyce/Getty Images)

INDIANAPOLIS– The Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) said Friday a vendor error will lead to an update on its COVID-19 dashboard regarding county-level vaccination data.

ISDH says an error was found in how the unnamed, external vendor was assigning the county of residence for recipients of the vaccine.

“The issue stems from an automated process that assigns vaccination records to counties in the state’s immunization registry based on ZIP codes, not full addresses. Approximately 3 percent of all COVID-19 vaccination records were assigned to the wrong county because the individual lived in a ZIP code that crossed county lines,” ISDH said in a release.

All 92 of Indiana’s counties are impacted by this error. About half of them will see their rate of fully vaccinated residents increase, while the other half will see their percentage decrease.

“We strive each day to provide accurate data to illustrate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccination efforts,” said State Health Commissioner Kris Box, M.D., FACOG. “We know that many counties are making decisions based on the numbers we present on our dashboards, which is why we are working to correct the vaccination data as quickly as possible.”

ISDH says most of the changes are small, but several counties including Franklin, Carroll, Newton, Spencer, Posey, Crawford, Benton and Brown will see increases in the percentage of fully vaccinated residents by five points or more.

The changes will be implemented in the state’s dashboard “within the next few weeks,” ISDH said. The department will have a new system going forward which will evaluate full addresses prior to assigning records to particular counties.

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