Twin landlords waive May’s rent for all tenants due to coronavirus pandemic


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — In 10 days, Indiana’s eviction pause expires and potentially hundreds if not thousands of Hoosiers may be subject to eviction for not being able to pay rent.

Even during these dark times, a little bit of kindness is finding a way to peak through, especially for tenants of Mainstay Property Group. The landlords, who happen to be twin brothers, have forgiven rent for the month of May for all of their tenants.

“We’ve gotten dozens of emails, calls and texts from people all over the place that are grateful,” Evan Manship said.

Twin brothers Evan and Clay Manship wanted to ease their stress during the COVID-19 pandemic.

They’ve been wanting to help during this entire pandemic, especially since their wives are nurses.

“We wanted to forgive the rent and wanted to encourage those who have the capacity to do it, pay it forward,” Clay said.

Currently, Governor Eric Holcomb has an order in place to prevent evictions until May 5.

The Manship brothers wonder if Hoosiers behind on rent or struggling to pay bills will be faced with evictions after that date.

They’ve helped their tenants, and they hope to lead the way for other landlords to offer up a little forgiveness.

“The landlords who have the capacity to go a month without getting rent, just give it, man. Let’s take care of people,” Clay said.

Without hesitation, Evan and Clay made a bold decision, but their mother had a lot to do with it.

“Mom always told us in any dangerous situation, you can always find helpers,” Evan said.

They said it’s time for Hoosier helpers to step forward and help us all get through the coronavirus pandemic.

Their tenants will be responsible for June’s rent.

The Manship brothers hope a conversation will start either locally or federally about some sort of rental assistance program.

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