Study: Indiana counties among emerging hotspots for COVID-19


A study suggests four Indiana counties may be on the verge of becoming coronavirus hotspots as the state considers taking the first steps to slowly reopen the economy.

The analysis from technology firm Dataminr used artificial intelligence to scour through posts on several social media platforms. According to Fortune, several governments and companies use Dataminr’s technology to look for trends and predict emerging events—including the World Health Organization and the United Nations.

You can find the study here.

According to Dataminr, new emerging hotspots include the following Indiana counties:

  • Monroe County
  • St. Joseph County
  • Tippecanoe County
  • Vigo County

Dataminr’s software accurately forecast infection hotspots in 14 states between a week and two weeks before those areas saw exponential growth in cases, the company said in a March study.

Dataminr is also projecting hotspots in Georgia, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas—states that have eased or are considering easing social distancing protocols. Its data showed while COVID-19 is peaking in cities, smaller metro and rural areas could get hit next.

The company said it accurately predicted spikes in cases for places like Italy, South Korea and Spain.

Here’s what the company said about its methodology on the study:

Dataminr’s AI Platform detected social media COVID-19 clusters comprised of public social media posts ranging from people indicating they tested positive, people indicating they are experiencing symptoms, people indicating they have been exposed but not tested, first-hand accounts of confirmed cases from relatives, friends, and colleagues as well as COVID-19 related supply shortages and closures.

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