Some long-term care facilities in Indiana to undergo independent analysis of pandemic response


(Photo by OSCAR DEL POZO/AFP via Getty Images)

INDIANAPOLIS– During a monthly meeting on Tuesday, the Board of Trustees for the Health & Hospital of Marion County (HHC) approved a motion to conduct an independent analysis of their long-term care facilities’ response during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

HHC operates 78 skilled nursing facilities and five assisted living facilities across Indiana. Their properties are managed by American Senior Communities.

A statement from the Board of Trustees says members want to ensure they are doing their best to meet the needs of long-term care residents at all times. 

“We believe an independent review will serve this process well and provide objective recommendations to address residents’ needs in the facilities, both now and going forward,” according to a statement from the board.

We now have a better picture of the COVID-19 status inside their campuses after those numbers were posted on HHC’s website. 

There are 737 long-term care facilities in Indiana. HHC owns roughly 11% of them. 

As of May 18, HHC said 246 of their residents have died of COVID-19. That accounts for about 33% of long-term care deaths in Indiana when compared to data posted by the Indiana State Department of Health. 

On HHC’s website, users can click on any facilities to see if there are active cases or deaths there.

According to data posted on Tuesday, nearly 70% of facilities had either no known cases or no active cases. 

In a joint press release sent to CBS4 before Tuesday’s vote, HHC and American Senior Communities said they continue “to go beyond CDC and Indiana State Department of Health recommendations for clinical care.”

The organizations said it is testing 100% of all residents in facilities where there is reason to believe a resident or staff member has contracted the virus. They said they are also testing 100% of residents in high-risk facilities where there are no known cases of the virus. 

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