Sheriff: 4 inmates inside Johnson County Jail test positive for coronavirus


JOHNSON COUNTY — The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office announced Wednesday that four inmates in the Johnson County Jail have tested positive for COVID-19.

They are the first confirmed cases of COVID-19 inside the Johnson County Jail, according to the JCSO.

Johnson County Sheriff Duane E. Burgess says the COVID-19 positive inmates are in quarantine and “testing and other safety protocols regarding other inmates will remain in effect and be updated in accord with developing requirements and guidelines.”

As we work to keep employees and inmates safe, we have complied with all applicable Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Indiana requirements and guidance, and we have put many precautions into place to reduce COVID-19’s incidence in our facility. For example, all inmates have been given surgical masks to protect themselves. Furthermore, cell blocks and individual cells have been given extra attention to keep them clean and disinfected, and potentially infected inmates have been quarantined. In appropriate circumstances, the Courts have released certain inmates from the facility, thus helping make the number of inmates more manageable. All members of the criminal justice system have worked together with the Courts and with our office towards the common goal of minimizing the impact of COVD-19 in the jail. As we continue to receive new information from the CDC and other health authorities, we will continue to follow their requirements and guidance to maximize the health and safety of the staff and of the individuals housed in our facility.

Johnson County Sheriff Duane E. Burgess

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