Police: Greenwood brewery closes early after man refuses to wear mask, threatens employees


Signs posted at MashCraft Brewing in Greenwood

GREENWOOD, Ind. – A Greenwood business closed early Thursday after a man who refused to wear a mask threatened employees, police said.

The incident happened at MashCraft Brewing, 1140 State Road 135. According to the incident report from the Greenwood Police Department, an officer was dispatched to the business around 6:45 p.m. Thursday.

The manager told police that a man inside the establishment refused to wear a mask, becoming “verbally assaultive” and cursing at employees who asked him to wear one. The manager said the man took an aggressive step toward her but then backed off when it appeared other employees would step in.

The business closed early Thursday after the incident.

According to the police report, the man “repeatedly called the business” and left voicemails “threatening to come to the business and assault people there.” The man “also threatened to harm the family of someone there,” the report said.

Employees didn’t know the man’s name but said they’d seen him before “several times” and believe he seemed “very unstable,” the report said.

The manager wanted to ban him from the business for life.

Police searched for the man but didn’t find him. They told employees to call them if he showed up again.

The business posted about the incident on its Facebook page:

“After a bad exchange in our building and multiple threatening phone calls from the individual after leaving, we are closing to protect our staff.”

MashCraft Brewing issued the following statement Friday:

Thursday, November 12, we had a situation at our Greenwood location involving a patron, in which the issue of our mandatory mask policy was brought into question. After failing to comply to wear a mask and becoming aggressive, the patron was asked to leave. We later made the decision to close our Greenwood location early.

At MashCraft, we take the health and safety of our staff and patrons very seriously. We are working
closely with the Greenwood Police Department to continue to ensure a safe environment. All MashCraft locations will operate today with normal business hours.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, at each of our three locations, MashCraft has complied with the
mask and social distancing mandates set forth by city and state officials. Signs outlining our policy and expectations are posted throughout each location, including prominently at points of entry.

We appreciate the community’s concern for this issue and sensitivity to our staff’s privacy. MashCraft will continue to adhere to guidelines set forth by city and state officials, and ask that our patrons do their part in upholding these policies, as well.

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