Methodist Hospital celebrates 300th coronavirus patient discharged


INDIANAPOLIS — It was a warm, welcome homecoming for one man who was the 300th COVID-19 patient to be discharged from Methodist Hospital.

After battling the virus for nearly two weeks, he has fully recovered thanks to the heroes in scrubs.

It was all smiles, laughter, cheers and tears of joy as 64-year-old James Seekie was rolled around the corner, off of an elevator in a mask for a wonderful celebration after recovering from COVID-19.

“We’ve had patients with a wide variety of length of stay. We’ve had patients who are here just a few days and then patients that are here quite a long time, and everything in between. No one has the same journey,” said IU Methodist Clinical Manager Tracy Davis. 

Seekie was first admitted in critical condition on April 24, days later he was on a ventilator. He spent nearly two weeks at Methodist Hospital battling the virus.

“He started out first in the critical care unit and then was transferred to us over the weekend,” said Davis.

But he says he couldn’t do it without the help of those unsung heroes who stood side by side on national nurses day. 

“It takes an entire village to get somebody to the point of recovery. Because every single person that’s involved in their care are able to celebrate today because so many people are part of this recovery,” said Davis.

Seekie is the 300th COVID-19 patient to be released from Methodist Hospital. His release happens to be on a day where praises are sung for those on the frontlines.

“It is literally like nothing we’ve ever seen before. The fact that we have been able to discharge successfully 300 patients is something we’re very proud of. The fact that we were able to release the 300th patient on nurses’ day is poetic. We are very proud of that,” said Davis.

Healthcare workers say these ceremonies are one of the reasons they wear their personal protective equipment and work long, tiring days to see moments like these that give them a sliver of hope. 

“Victories like this are what keep us going. It’s the small victories. But this one is a huge number for us,” said Davis.

It’s a number that they hope continues to increase in the fight against a vicious virus.

During this time, those in scrubs are doing more than just nursing people back to good health. 

“The fact that nurses take care of the patients not only physically but emotionally. We appreciate the fact that families have been home waiting on their loved ones to come home. We could not be more thrilled that we can return them home to their loved ones,” said Davis. 

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