IPL says 2 employees test positive for coronavirus


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Indianapolis Power & Light Company announced Monday that two employees tested positive for COVID-19.

IPL says these are their first confirmed COVID-19 cases, and they believe the employees contracted the virus through community spread because the individuals have no history of exposure through travel.

The company says they worked with the employees to identify people they had direct contact with throughout the month of March. IPL also says they contacted the identified individuals and instructed them to self-quarantine for 14 days from the last known contact.

Earlier today, we notified all individuals who normally report to the building. At our request, an environmental contactor thoroughly cleaned and sanitized all exposed work areas, though most IPL people are now working from home.

Indianapolis Power & Light Company

Customers with questions can contact IPL at 317-261-8222 or visit IPLpower.com/update.

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