Increased vaccination efforts for central Indiana Hoosiers


FISHERS, Ind. — There are new COVID-19 vaccine clinics popping up across the state in an effort to increase vaccinations.

Tuesday morning, the City of Fishers started vaccinating eligible residents who are 80 and older at a temporary location.

By January 25, the City of Fishers and the health department are hoping turn a former Marsh Supermarket into a vaccination site. The 48,000 square foot space hasn’t been used for years. Now they’re finding a different way to help serve the community.

“So we are right now scheduling for 80 and over as laid out by the state criteria. Following that, we know that we will be doing 70 to 79 and following that 60 to 69-year-olds,” said Fishers Health Department Public Health Director Monica Heltz.

Inside the former Marsh, constructions crews are painting walls, putting down flooring and doing everything they can to turn this into a clinic for Hoosiers.

“Countless hours have been out into this facility, and we can’t stress enough the sense of urgency we have in our community to stand up an infrastructure to vaccinate our people,” said Fishers Mayor Scott Fadness.

Here’s how the process will work: first you’ll go to to register and make an appointment.

“Everyone must be pre-registered with an appointment, and that is through the state site. And that is so we can make sure we have enough doses on hand for the people who come,” said Heltz.

Once you arrive, you’ll go in, get a temperature screening and answer a COVID-19 survey. If you have symptoms, you’ll be asked to go home. If you don’t, officials will double check your registration before taking you to be vaccinated.

“We intend to have at the very least 6,000 people vaccinated a week in the City of Fishers, and then, ultimately, our longterm goal is to have 10,000 a week being vaccinated out of this facility,” said Mayor Fadness.

The plan is to have 24 vaccination stations where 24 Hoosiers can be vaccinated every 10 minutes.  There’s even a plan in place for if a person doesn’t show up for an appointment. 

“When someone doesn’t show for their appointment, then we will be calling the next person on the standby list in order to get the doses,” explained Heltz.

Their goal is to ensure all vials are used. They need your help to make this plan work efficiently. 

“Be patient, wait your turn, when it’s your turn to apply for the vaccine, please do so,” said Heltz.

Right now, only Hoosiers over the age of 80 are eligible. You can make an appointment and register at

Officials are stressing that you must choose a location in your county since dose amounts are allocated based on county populations and because you will be required to return to that same location to receive your second dose.

Vaccination clinics in Marion County say they are following the same protocols and procedures, as well as the guidance from the Indiana State Department of Health.

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