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INDIANAPOLIS — The fight to expand voting by mail in Indiana is coming to an end. Time is running out to prepare, and a federal judge’s ruling indicated it isn’t likely for the Hoosier state.

Indiana is just one of six states that will not allow the coronavirus pandemic to be a reason to vote by mail this November.

A judge ruled last week Indiana doesn’t have to expand voting by mail because Hoosiers have enough options to safely cast their ballot during the pandemic.

These options include voting in person on Election Day, voting early in person from October 6 through November 2, voting absentee by mail if you qualify, or having poll workers bring you a ballot so you can vote from home.

Two other rulings also affect Indiana residents. One requires Indiana election officials to contact voters before removing them from the registration list, and the other requires officials to contact an absentee voter if their mail-in ballot signature doesn’t match election records.