IN Focus: Surgeon general discusses fight against COVID-19

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INDIANAPOLIS – Surgeon general Jerome Adams appeared on this week’s edition of IN Focus to discuss the federal government’s response to COVID-19, the impact of test result delays, and the latest numbers from Indiana.

“Marion County and Allen County, are over 10-percent (positivity rate) so we want the people of the state to know, and particularly people in those regions to know, we are concerned,” said Adams. “But we also want them to know we have the tools to be able to turn this around very quickly — what I call the three W’s. Number one: wash your hands, number two: watch your distance, meaning stay six feet away from others, and avoid crowded indoor spaces, and number three, wear a mask.”

One of several Hoosiers serving on the front lines of the government’s response, Dr. Adams served as Indiana’s state health commissioner before he was named surgeon general.

In the video above, Adams responds to questions and criticisms about the government’s response to the virus, and concerns about surging case numbers and deaths nationwide.

“We feel testing’s important, but we can’t test our way out of this problem,” said Adams. “We need to lean on prevention.”

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