Questions and answers about the COVID-19 vaccine


The first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine are rolling out around the country as Hoosiers hope for an end to a pandemic that has turned life upside down.

Front-line healthcare workers and long-term care residents will receive the vaccine first. More Hoosiers will receive the vaccine in the months to come.

There are several versions of the vaccine, with the Pfizer-BioNTech version being the first approved in the U.S. Vaccines developed by other companies will be available soon.

With these new developments, we’re certain our viewers have questions about the vaccine–and we’re consulting the experts to answer them.

Questions we’ve answered thus far:

How will seniors know when to get vaccinated? How to enroll to receive the vaccine? Is it safe for someone with allergies to get vaccinated?

Will someone who gets the shot be contagious to others? Should they quarantine?

Is the number of vaccinations given being tracked and is there a plan to regularly publish those numbers?

Who will be the next to receive the vaccine?

Can a person who has the vaccine still carry the virus to other people?

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