Grocery delivery available for those that are sick, disabled or homebound

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Some of Indiana’s most vulnerable are desperate for help and asking if there is anyone to deliver groceries.

Anne Harvey says she and her neighbors are senior citizens and that some of them are homebound. They used to walk to the CVS at 71st and Michigan but claim the store closed for “restocking” and has yet to reopen.

“A lot of people here live alone and don’t have family members,” she told CBS4. “That was their only way of getting groceries or toilet paper.”

Harvey said she feels forgotten about.

“We have three eggs, we have bread, a little bit of toilet paper and a couple cans of soup, but we don’t have a lot,” she said, worried.

Another man, who did not want to be identified, said he too is homebound and at-risk of suffering complication if he were to catch COVID-19.

“I just can’t really get around, and I just really don’t have the help,” he said. “I’m at-risk with respiratory issues.”

The man said he tried calling 211, the city’s help line, but that no one answered. A church promised to bring him food but never did.

“I will pay if I can get someone to go to Kroger or something,” he added.

CBS4 found several organizations willing to help.

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Surviving and Thriving Together

Josh Barrett started Surviving and Thriving Together, a group that is delivering groceries to those who are disabled, sick and homebound. He and other Hoosiers run the Facebook group. People post their location and what they need, and volunteers deliver.

He offered to help our CBS4 viewers. Within an hour, Barrett said he was on his way.

If you need help, you can visit their Facebook page. You can either post on the page or send a message.

COVID Connections

A Zionsville High School student is also stepping up to help. Ethan Kraus and his cousin, Jacob, started COVID Connections. They too have a network of volunteers that are helping deliver goods to five states, including Indiana and are willing to run errands as well.

“We are also able to check in and call lonely seniors who may just want to talk to someone,” Jacob explained.

As of April 1, Ethan had not received any calls for help, but said that COVID Connections is ready at a moment’s notice.

All people need to do is fill out a form on their website. Scroll to the bottom of the homepage and click “I am in need of help.”

Williams Comfort Air

Williams Comfort Air is also shifting its focus. The company announced it was reallocating its preventative maintenance team so that they can deliver groceries to high-risk communities free of charge.

Employees are not able to go inside the stores, so clients will need to order groceries from Kroger’s Clicklist, Meijer’s Curbside, Walmart’s Grocery Pickup or Target’s Drive Up services.

They ask that people schedule the service between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. To contact the Williams Comfort Air MAXGives Home Delivery, call 317-663-9125.

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