Franciscan Health catches up to ‘where we hoped to be’ after receiving additional vaccines doses


INDIANAPOLIS — More than 75,000 Hoosiers have received the COVID-19 vaccine so far, and this week, many frontline workers will receive their important second dose of the vaccine.

At Franciscan Health, Dr. Christopher Doehring, vice president of medical affairs, said they are doing better than they initially expected. They are now administering up to 350 vaccines per day after receiving a higher number of the Pfizer vials.

“With that additional volume, we’ve been able to now expand because we received additional shipments of both the Pfizer and the Moderna vaccine,” Dr. Doehring said.

Dr. Doehring said the vaccine shipments are coming in once or twice a week, which he reports is catching them up to where they “hoped to be at this point.”

“We’ve wasted zero doses of the vaccine, which is a real accomplishment and a very high priority for us of course,” Doehring said.

Dr. Doehring said some people are not showing up for their scheduled appointment to receive the vaccine, which he explained is not unusual. If this happens, they call on another frontline worker.

“When there’s still enough un-vaccinated folks who are working on the frontlines that we’re able to reach out on short notice and say ‘Hey, we’ve got four doses. Call over to the emergency department or call up to an ICU or call to another med-surg unit,’ or, you know.

“We have a whole host of different areas, different teams involved in direct patient care for COVID patients that are very, very high priority groups. So, to this point at least, we’ve been able to use those unused doses so that they don’t get wasted.”

Dr. Doehring explained initially the number of doses coming into the facilities was lower than they expected. But, the emergency use authorization of two vaccines has helped significantly.

“The volume of the supply is where it needs to be in order to get the vaccine out to as many people who want it that are prioritized at this point,” Dr. Doehring said.

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