COVID-19 survivor urges Hoosiers to continue following guidelines as weather becomes nice


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A COVID-19 survivor is speaking out to explain to fellow Hoosiers that this virus is not something to take lightly.

When Shawanna Stuckey started to feel ill at the end of March, she knew something was wrong.

She said at first, her doctors wouldn’t test her for COVID-19.

“They didn’t entertain COVID because I had none of the symptoms they were looking for,” Stuckey explained.

She said it started with a sore throat and progressed from there. By April, things had gotten worse.

“Your body is in so much pain, and you don’t want to move. You’re not able to taste or smell anything, also, you have no appetite,” Stuckey said.

The CDC now knows the symptoms Stuckey was experiencing are all related to COVID-19.

Eventually, she was able to be tested for the virus and tested positive.

Stuckey was in isolation for 21 days and couldn’t see her kids or spouse.

“I’m locked in a room and staring at the walls. At the time, nothing was on TV but COVID news, and all you were hearing was all the bad news,” Stuckey explained.

She knows with the weather getting nice, more people will head outside. But Stuckey wants people who aren’t following the CDC’s guidelines to know they’re putting themselves at risk. 

“It’s a very bad call honestly, because you don’t know. You don’t want it. It’s not a fun experience. Yes, there are more survivor cases than there are deaths, but you don’t want to chance this,” Stuckey explained.

Stuckey hopes by sharing her experience with COVID-19, it can persuade her fellow Hoosiers stay safe.

The Indiana State Department of Health reported more than 19,000 Hoosiers have tested positive for COVID-19 and more than 1,000 have died.

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