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Since schools across the country are shut down due to COVID-19, many children are spending most of their time at home.

Between the television and online school work, kids will be spending more time staring at screens than usual, which may not be the healthiest.

“We are at unusual times right now, so I think a lot of the recommendations are things we are going to have to work through and determine how we can help kiddos do their school work, also help keep kids occupied as parents are working from home,” said Emily Scott, a Riley Children’s health pediatrician.

Scott said it’s all about taking breaks between screen sessions and parents looking for other activities.

“I’ve created little buckets around the house, which is little activities that are going to keep them engaged for a short period of time, and then we just rotate them out. We know kids have a short attention span,” Scott said.

Central Indiana mother Melinda Stanford is already a stay at a home mom.

She thinks this quarantine period could give people a chance to use their imagination on how to have fun without a screen.

“You never know. You could be 30 years old making a giraffe out of Play-Doh and laughing because it looks nothing like giraffe,” Stanford said.

Scott says when children need to use the screen, just remember to keep it within moderation. It’s also a good idea to allow children to video chat with their friends while they’re separated.

“The kiddos do need that interaction with their peers. Finding out a way to do that while they’re not getting together and potentially spreading virus, but still being able to have that important friendship piece is crucial,” Scott said.

Scott suggests setting up screen-free areas in the home.

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