Anderson mayor cancels city events, including 4th of July fireworks

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ANDERSON, Ind. — Anderson Mayor Thomas Broderick Jr. announced Tuesday that several city events are canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic, including 4th of July fireworks.

The events cancelled are:

  • Citywide clean up scheduled for May 16
  • Anderson City Pool opening
  • Anderson Park Department Summer Camp
  • Anderson City July 3 parade, fireworks and associated festivities
  • The City of Anderson Downtown Concert Series
  • Mayor’s Annual Charity Ball for Teachers

Mayor Broderick Jr. released the following statement through a press release:

“I am disappointed to report that the current COVID-19 crisis makes it necessary to cancel several of our city sponsored events in order to protect our community and its citizens from the spread of this deadly virus. All of these cancelled events involve large groups of people gathering together in social settings that will not be safe until we have substantially flattened the curve of this virus, driven down the numbers of cases and have developed and deployed an effective vaccine available to all of our citizens.” Broderick noted, “That while some portions of the country are beginning to see signs of a flatting of the curve, many areas of the country have not, including the Anderson-Madison County area. It has been projected, by federal authorities, that a vaccine may be available in 12-18 months.”

The mayor did leave the door open for reinstating events if possible:

“I consider all of these events to be part of our quality of place, quality of life initiatives and I will do everything within my power to bring back all of these events and even more once the dangers of this virus have passed. I know that these cancellations will sadden many and it is a truly an unfortunate and unexpected situation, but I believe we all agree that continuing to take mitigating actions to protect our community-at-large is the proper course of action,” said Broderick Jr.

Mayor Broderick Jr. also emphasis the importance of continuing to following the guidelines of healthcare professionals.

“I also want to remind all citizens to continue to follow the advice of our health care professionals and continue to use proper social/physical distancing, stay home and go out for only necessary and essential reasons, wear a mask when out, and wash your hands frequently. Once we begin to slowing reopening our community, remember to remain vigilant in protecting yourself, families, loved ones from this virus, and continue to take preventative measure to continue to restrict the spread of this life-threatening disease.

“We all look forward to the day that these life altering events are behind us. I know that despite the
hardships that we all are experiencing and the grieving that too many are enduring, over the loss of their loved ones, we will collectively have a sense of peace in knowing that we have reduced the suffering and loss far below where it would have been had we not stood together in this fight.”

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