Contractors assist Indy DPW with cleanup, CBS4 crew lends helping hand


INDIANAPOLIS — The Indianapolis Department of Public Works (DPW) has called for backup in an effort to clear not only main streets but connector streets to residential neighborhoods. 

DPW made the call to their two contractors Monday night to start getting them on the roads by 11 a.m.

“You know, it’s crazy. My friend told me the snow was everywhere, and we just started to help out everybody out and just be there for the community,” said Tyrome Freeing, a northwest side resident.

Hoosiers came out of their homes to mounds of snow and impassable roads. Freeing and Isiah Richardson noticed many of their neighbors were in need of help before the city arrived. 

When we got to the subdivision near 56th and Lafayette Road, they were trying to push Kimberly Anderson out of the snow after a fall forced her to leave her home.

“I’m just trying to go to the emergency room,” said Anderson.

Before you knew it, a DPW contractor came to save the day. 

“We did call out our two contractors to start working on the 300 centerline miles of residential connectors that we have identified, so they have already been activated. They have 24 hours to get those streets cleared of snow,” said DPW Director Dan Parker.

Their job is to hit connector streets that get you out of your neighborhood and onto the main roads, which are plowed. However, they are not tasked with plowing every single street across the city of Indianapolis.

“We also have folks working downtown to remove snow from the parking lanes and the circles and other places downtown,” Parker said.

Meanwhile, back in the neighborhood, Anderson is thankful, while also a little embarrassed, because she’s never gotten stuck before. 

“I am so thankful for them cause they were here and all you guys,” Anderson said.

Since she couldn’t make it to the emergency room, she’s headed inside to prop up her foot while those in the neighborhood continue to lend a helping hand.

DPW contractors have until 11 a.m. Wednesday morning to complete the job. Along with their efforts, DPW crews are on the streets until 6 a.m. to continue making way for Hoosiers.  

“There are parts of our city where you cannot see at all at night, and they were out there all night, and they did incredible effort,” Parker said.

They are asking Hoosiers to stay clear as they try to tackle the roads. But they are also keeping a watchful eye on the winds and bone-chilling temperatures overnight that could impact roads again.

Here is a map to show the main roads and connector roads DPW and its contractors are tackling. Connector roads are in blue and plowed by contractors. Main roads are in red and plowed by DPW.

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