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INDIANAPOLIS – Spring break has arrived, and the Indianapolis Airport Authority is bracing for a surge in passengers.

The Indianapolis Airport Authority anticipates 70,000 passengers will pass through the airport starting Friday and into the weekend. Passengers could see slight delays because of parking garage construction and new screening technology.

“As Hoosiers are heading out for someplace warm, we are expecting some large crowds,” said Megan Carrico, director of public affairs for the Indianapolis International Airport Authority.

Officials are encouraging travelers to plan ahead. 

“We are expecting numbers that surpass March 2019, pre-pandemic levels,” Carrico said. “We really want to make sure travelers are preparing ahead of time and getting what they need to make sure they have a smooth experience at Indianapolis airport.”

Carrico says parking garage construction and safety technology could cause minor delays. 

“We are going through an expansion to make more public parking spaces, as well as increasing our rental partners to provide an elevated rental experience,” Carrico said.

Carrico says the expansion project has led to the garage filling up faster than before.

“Most economic and convenient option is our economy lot,” Carrico said. “There a shuttle is going around to bring people in.”

Things might go slower at the security checkpoint. The Indy Airport is also upgrading security with new, advanced computed tomography technology. 

“What this does is it really just gives our officers a better look inside your bags,” said Jessica Mayle, regional spokesperson for the TSA.

Two machines with the new, 3-D technology have been installed so far. Eventually, every security lane will have it.

“We’re going to have fewer bag checks because we are able to get a better look inside the bag as it’s going through,” Mayle said. “From a passenger perspective, I hope they appreciate that. From a safety perspective, we’re going to be able to catch more prohibited items.”

Airport officials say early morning flights, between 4 a.m. and 7 a.m., are the most impacted by the surge in travel. They encourage travelers flying out during this time frame to arrive at least two hours early.