CLEVELAND — Hitting the pool is a great way to beat the heat and have some fun. But there are a few things parents need to remember when taking their kids swimming this summer.

“The most important part of pool safety is preventing drownings,” explained Purva Grover, MD, an emergency medicine physician for Cleveland Clinic Children’s. “I am a big proponent of what I call a designated watcher. Somebody has to be watching your kid at the pool.”

She said each child needs to have at least one adult supervisor – whether you’re at a community pool with a lifeguard or a private pool.

The person supervising should not be on their cellphone or distracted in any way.

She stressed staying alert is key because it can take a split second for a child to slip underwater, and they may not be able to cry for help.

If there is an emergency knowing CPR is critical. The sooner resuscitation efforts are started, the better the survival outcomes are.

Above all Dr. Grover urged everyone to be cautious at the pool – even experienced swimmers.

“Just because you are an experienced swimmer, and you have been swimming for X amount of years, does not mean you are aloof from these tragic consequences,” Dr. Grover said. “You still have to be careful at the pool.”

She added it’s also important to take breaks, stay hydrated and regularly apply sunscreen while enjoying a pool day.