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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - The Commission of College Basketball proclaimed it was time to “put the college back in college basketball.”

The panel, led by former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, described the current state of men’s college basketball as “sad” and directed the NCAA to take control of the sport.

The commission identified a number of elements which they believe would help clean up the game. Some of the most notable include the elimination of the “one and done” rule, which allows players to leave college for the NBA after one year.

They also proposed lifetime bans for NCAA coaches caught cheating, encouraged the NCAA to run its own recruiting events for prospects while cracking down on ‘non scholastic” summer leagues/ AAU amateur recruiting events.

They also called for more transparency when it comes to apparel companies and the financial deals they cut with schools, teams and coaches.

“The problems in college basketball are complex. And the resolution of them requires precise remedies,” Rice said.

The commission also defended the NCAA’s amateurism model noting that paying players isn’t a solution.

The recommendations, however sharp, are not necessarily new ideas. However, analysts like former college basketball coach and current radio show host Dan Dakich say there is a benefit to the commission announcing the recommendations in the manner they did.

“Now instead of it being below the surface, it’s now come up and now they have to deal with it,” Dakich said.

Dakich says he found a few of the commission’s recommendations agreeable, particularly the proposed lifetime ban for coaches caught cheating. Dakich said he also believes many of the recommendations will become the law of the land as early as this summer.

“While its being said that there recommendations, I think the general consensus is yes they’re recommendations, but they will be approved and streamlined probably this summer,” he said.

But as far as to whether the recommendation will be the silver bullet to end NCAA college basketball corruption remains to be seen.

Everyone wants to see the knockout blow, you go to a fight, guy gets knocked out, there’s a lot of body punches before the knockout blow comes most times. This may just be another body punch,” Dakich said.

To view the entire Commission on college Basketball press conference you can click here.

To view the commission’s full recommendation, you can click here.

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