Comcast’s super fast Internet costs $300 a month

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NEW YORK (July 15, 2015) — As promised, Comcast is starting to offer the fastest Internet in the nation — for a jaw-dropping $300 per month.

That doesn’t include an installation fee of around $500, plus another $500 for “activation.” Then there’s an added cost for “equipment, taxes and fees.” Oh, and don’t forget the punitive fee if you break your two-year contract.

That means Comcast’s next-generation Gigabit Pro, delivering data at 2 Gigabits per second, could cost $1,300 just to start.

That’s 200 times faster than most current high-speed Internet networks. It’s twice as fast as Google Fiber, which is slowly expanding across the country, but Google offers its über fast Internet for $70 a month. You only pay the $300 construction fee if you cancel.

You could theoretically download an entire music album in three seconds and a feature-length movie in 19 seconds with Comcast Gigabit Pro. You can send data just as quickly.

Still, despite it being a cable service provider, Comcast Gigabit Pro doesn’t include TV service. And this super high-speed Internet is “limited… to a single outlet.” So, you better have good WiFi.

The new service is available in Atlanta, Chicago, and select major cities across California, Florida, Indiana, Michigan and Tennessee.

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