Columbus police investigating vandalism spree near elementary school


COLUMBUS, Ind. — Columbus police are looking for leads after more than a dozen windows were shot out during an early morning vandalism spree near Parkside Elementary.

“Just frustrated,” said Bub Wright, whose SUV had the driver’s side window shot out. The vandals hit several other vehicles that were parked along Villa Drive.  

“Think twice before you head out and do these sorts of things,” said Lt. Matt Harris with the Columbus Police Department.

Police received at least 15 reports of car windows busted out. Investigators think someone used a pellet gun and just took aim at whatever vehicle was nearby.

“Now I have to spend $200 on this, wasn’t too excited about that,” said Wright.

Police aren’t sure if they’re looking for one shooter or a group and they don’t know if they were driving in a car or just running throughout neighborhoods.

“They just need to have a job. They need to be working instead of out vandalizing,” said Wright.

Police don’t believe anything was stolen from any of the vehicles. At this point, it appears these vandals did it just with the intent to do damage.

“It’s just really frustrating. People work hard to have nice things, so to wake up and see their car damaged, before they were heading off to work, it’s not the way you want to start your day,” said Harris.

Columbus police are asking homeowners around Parkside Elementary to look at their surveillance cameras just to see if anything suspicious was recorded. Just this week, footage from a home security camera provided police with the evidence they needed to close a case.

“In fact, just yesterday a home video system caught someone stealing packages off a porch and we were able to make an arrest in that case,” said Harris.

Neighbors are left with an unnecessary repair bill and hoping these troublemakers are caught soon.

“It’s something we take seriously here in Columbus and we expect to hold those persons who did this accountable,” said Harris.

Anyone with any information that could help detectives is asked to call 812-376-2600.

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