Columbus firefighters rescue child stuck in laundry chute


Photo curtesy of Columbus Fire Department

COLUMBUS, Ind. — Columbus firefighters were called to the 2600 block of Forest Drive on Wednesday afternoon in response to a report of a child stuck in a laundry chute. When they arrived at the scene, they found an 8-year-old conscious and alert in the chute, bent at the waist with both the feet and head facing upwards and with the back and bottom exposed downwards outside the chute.

The child had entered the laundry chute from a second-story bedroom and slid down to the basement, where they became lodged. They were unable to completely pass through their upper body due to the tight space.

The child’s airway was confirmed to not be compromised, and from there firefighters conducted several attempts to free the child. After determining that the manipulation of the laundry chute was hampered by a floor joist located near the bottom of the chute, they cut the floor joist, which allowed the child to move through the opening of the chute to the basement floor.

They were transported to the hospital and were released without any injury. It was estimated that they were stuck for approximately 40 minutes from the time the incident occurred to the extrication by the firefighters.

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