INDIANAPOLIS — Jim Irsay, the owner and CEO of the Indianapolis Colts, is giving a local zoo a big gift.

On Sunday during the Colts game against the Eagles, Irsay announced a $1 million donation to the Indianapolis Zoo. The donation, the Colts said in a release, will help advance the zoo’s mission of “protecting nature and inspiring people to care for the natural world”.

Irsay’s gift will help fund the construction of a new welcome center plaza at the zoo to be named after the Colts. The center, the Colts said, is already in the works and will be completed by Memorial Day 2023.

“The Indianapolis Zoo is a world leader in wildlife and natural conservation and oversees efforts and projects that are truly making a difference across the globe,” Irsay said. “Not only is the zoo making great strides to preserve nature around the world, but it also provides world-class educational and entertainment opportunities for the entire Indianapolis community and makes our city an even better place to call home.”