Colts, Bob’s Furniture surprise veteran with $25K in new furniture

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Within a few hours, the transformation of the Sawyers’ Anderson home was complete. The brand new couches, beds, tables and chairs added up to a gift of $25,000.

However, the sacrifice the Sawyers made for their country goes well beyond that figure.

“He was in Afghanistan in 2006,” said mother Christina Sawyer of her husband. “He was wounded over there in an explosion.”

Deployed with the Army National Guard in 2007, Christina’s husband Brian Sawyer was nine months into his deployment when she got a call she hoped she’d never get.

“I got a phone call from another military wife and said that her husband was in an explosion,” Christina said. “I knew that my husband was with her husband at the time, so I knew he had been in the explosion as well.”

Brian hit an IED. The blast broke his collarbone and left him with a traumatic brain injury, along with other scars that aren’t as visible.

“He had a hard time for a couple years when he first came home,” Christina said. “He did do therapy and did get help.”

But the health problems didn’t stop there. Soon after, Brian was diagnosed with cancer. He couldn’t work, and the family lost their house as Brian declared bankruptcy.

“He doesn’t really show a lot of emotion about it, he was pretty strong and tried to support us the whole time,” Sawyer said.

The organization Homes on the Homefront helped them move into their new home in Anderson, as a now cancer-free Brian helped keep them together.

“He’s an inspiration to me, and my kids,” Christina said holding back tears.

A man who gave everything, and asked for nothing, would now see the tables turn.

While Brian was away visiting family out of state, Bob’s Furniture moved in $25,000 worth of new furniture, and the Indianapolis Colts were in on the surprise.

Running Back Nayheim Hines presented the family with tickets as mascot Blue joined in. A few Colts cheerleaders were there teaching the kids some cheers, as Brian taught us all a lesson on humility.

“It’s amazing, I’m still kind of taking it in,” Brian said.

On a day set aside to thank veterans, this veteran is thanking others.

Their kindness may have given him a newly furnished home, but it’s his sacrifice that allows us all to have our own.

“They (veterans) won’t go out looking for help, so just a hand out sometimes saying ‘I’m here for you,” is nice,” Christina said.

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