Color changes in leaves too early could be a sign of unhealthy trees

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (September 23, 2015) – Wednesday is the first day of fall, and the leaves are already starting to change colors in some areas.

But one expert says, leaves changing color too early could be a sign that a tree is unhealthy.

If they can’t fight off insects and diseases that may attack, trees could have trouble in the brutally cold winter months as well.

Experts say, if a few limbs show early fall color, this could signal weakness in just those limbs.

But, more commonly, the entire tree is affected, signaling root-related stress with the symptoms showing above-ground.

What happens is, as a leaf breaks down, the green color chemicals are recycled and leave behind chemicals that make the other colors.

Color variations are due to a number of factors, like rainfall, sunlight, temperature, and humidity.

One Board Certified Master Arborist said it’s important to know the causes of unhealthy trees.

“It might be a fungal issue,” said Jeff Hagfors, a board certified master arborist with Ping’s Tree Service. “So, if you’re not dealing with an insect you might be dealing with a fungal infection, which is less predictable than insects and often times more difficult to control.”

For more on symptoms, or how to pick the appropriate trees for your home, talk to a professional arborist.

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