Clinton County family fighting for justice for two daughters killed by speeding driver


Haliegh and Callie Fullerton (Photo provided via GoFundMe with permission from family)

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CLINTON COUNTY, Ind. – A Clinton County family is fighting back against a request that could mean their daughters accused killer would get less time.

“I’m thankful for my doggy, pop tarts, and Jesus, because he made all my friends, and my parents, because they always say ‘I’ll never let anything happen to you.'”

Todd Fullerton can barely hold back the tears as he reads the words his little girl wrote on an art project years ago. The words now, hold a different meaning to the family.

8-year-old Callie and 17-year-old Haleigh were killed last July when a speeding car crashed into their Clinton County home. The girls were pinned under the car.

17-year-old Alia Sierra was arrested. Police said she was high on drugs and driving 107 miles per hour.

Initially, a request from the Clinton County Prosecutors Office was granted to transfer Sierra’s case to adult court. Now, the teen suspects attorney is making steps to move her back to juvenile court. Right now, the case sits in the hands of the Indiana Court of Appeals.

“It’s hard because you’re grieving and on top of that, you’re on pins and needles worrying, because I just want some justice,” Bridget Fullerton, the girls mother said.

The Fullerton’s worry, if Sierra isn’t tried as an adult, her potential punishment would be less severe. The family was told, instead of six to 12 years behind bars as an adult, Sierra could only get probation or home detention.

Haleigh would have been in the same grade as Sierra, a senior in High School. The Fullerton’s said their daughter was on her way to be the class valedictorian.

They said she wouldn’t even text and drive, a stark comparison to their view of Sierra.

“She shows no signs of remorse,” Bridget said.

The Fullerton’s hope the appeals court sides with the prosecutors office and views Sierra as an adult, who made the decision to drive at deadly speeds.

“If you give someone a slap on the wrist for killing two people, what’s their next move?,” Todd asked.

“I just don’t want another family to go through this. It’s been hell,” Bridget said.

The next briefing deadline is due Feb. 28th. It could be June before it’s known if Sierra would be tried in adult or juvenile court.

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