A cold front moved across the state Tuesday night and we had a fall-like Wednesday with highs in the 70s, ten degrees below average. Expect a fall-like night will low temperatures in the 50s, perfect weather for viewing our second full moon of the month. Two full moons in a month is rare, so the the second full moon of the month is referred to as a ” blue moon”. The moon will be at it’s closet distance to earth so it will appear 14% larger and 30% brighter than usual. Because the moon is closer and brighter, it is referred to as a Supermoon.

We’ll stay dry and cool through Thursday, but we flip the switch on this cooler pattern when we kickoff September on Frida with high temperatures in the 80s. The jet stream will lift north for Labor Day weekend and the warm up will continue. Expect highs in the low 90s through early next week.

August was a mild month with temperatures slightly below average and only 4 days of 90° heat. The month was also dry with 2.97″ of precipitation, .23″ below average. That follows our meteorological summer weather trend. We only had 13 days with highs of 90° or more, 19 is the average. We will end the season with 10.44″ of rain, 2.13″ below average.

At 5am, Idalia strengthened to a catastrophic Category 4 hurricane. The storm made landfall at 7:45am near Keaton Beach as a Category 3 hurricane with wind speeds at 125mph. Heavy rain spread north across Georgia and through the Carolinas Wednesday afternoon.

Enjoy tonight’s “Full Blue Supermoon”.

Thursday will be a sunny, mild day.

Temperatures will warm up this weekend.

This has been a mild, dry summer.