Indy officials eye new regulations for electric scooter companies

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – City-county councilors are meeting to discuss the future for electric scooter companies in Indianapolis.

The city’s public works committee is holding an open meeting to help establish a set of rules and regulations for scooter companies Bird and Lime.

“This is new ground for us. We welcome them we just need to find some medium ground there,” Councilor William Oliver (D) said.

Oliver says the council wants to hammer down on where the scooters will operate, safety protocols of riders, and where scooters can be parked.

“Also, who’s liable? The operator or the owner? Maybe a combination of both?” Oliver said.

Currently the only regulation the city has is one that prohibits motorized vehicles on sidewalks. Councilors say for the companies to continue to operate, there will need to be more rules.

We certainly welcome them here. We want them to come and expand and do all they can. At the same time, we want the operators of these motorized vehicles to obey the laws,” Oliver said

Both Bird and Lime spokespersons say they look forward to working out a compromise with the city.

“We’re excited to continue to have the conversation and make sure we put forth thoughtful regulations that work for everybody” Regional GM for Lime Jason Wilde said.

A spokesperson for Bird echoed a similar sentiment with the following statement:

“Indianapolis and Bird have shared goals of strengthening transportation options for local residents while helping to reduce traffic and congestion. We have had productive conversations with local leaders. This meeting will provide an important opportunity to continue this discussion and we look forward to hearing from all who join.”

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