City of Fishers plowing driveways to help military families

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FISHERS, Ind. – The City of Fishers is using piles of snow to show their patriotism.

“We are a community that takes care of our own,” said Scott Fadness, Mayor of Fishers.

A few years ago, the city started a program called Hometown Help for Heroes.

“I think when it comes to honoring the people that serve our country there are all kinds of symbolic gestures that people do every day and we certainly appreciate those. What we want to do is something that is pragmatic and practical that can help a loved one at home,” said Mayor Fadness.

City officials want to help any family where the head of the household is deployed. Crews will take care of year-round yard work, mowing the lawn in the summer and plowing the driveway in the winter.

“If it’s a mom with three little kids or four little kids, they’ve got a lot going on. This is one thing that can actually benefit them on a daily basis,” said Mayor Fadness.

So far, crews are helping three families, but they know there are more that could use a hand.

“Actually, the hardest thing is to get the word out so that all the families that are out there in our community today who maybe have a loved one, a spouse that’s actively deployed on military duty,” said Mayor Fadness.

It’s more than Hoosier hospitality, it’s about honoring our Hoosier heroes and their families, and making sure they know this community has their back.

Click here if your spouse is deployed or if you know a Fishers family who could use extra help while their loved one is serving.

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