City-County Council sets in motion vote on whether to remove Stephen Clay as president


New City-County Council President Stephen Clay

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The Indianapolis City-County Council’s new president is already in danger of losing his position.

The majority of councilors elected Stephen Clay to the job just three weeks ago.

Joe Simpson, one of the Democrats who supported Clay then, ended up proposing the motion to start the process to remove Clay.

Two measures needed to pass Monday night to schedule a vote to remove Clay. The first vote passed 12-11 with only Jeff Miller crossing party lines. The second vote passed 13-11, with Brian Mowery also joining Democrats in support.

Miller and Mowery were also the only two Republicans not to support Clay’s bid for the presidency.

This all comes after allegations surfaced that Clay molested a then-16-year-old boy through his jeans at the councilor’s Lawrence Township home in 2002 or 2003.

However, Democrats made it clear that this “no confidence” vote was not tied to specific allegations of ethical wrongdoing.

Instead, some Democrats tell us their fellow party members who supported Clay grew angry when he stripped other Democrats of committee positions and even chair positions in favor of Republicans.

Dozens of Marion County residents showed up to support Clay’s removal, booing the president as he entered the council chamber.

Many said they felt the allegations weren’t properly investigated after a DCS report filed, found the teen’s claims “substantiated”. Others felt betrayed, believing Clay used committee positions to buy votes from Republicans, risking putting Democratic policy goals at risk.

They cheered when the initial vote to remove Clay passed.

Neither Simpson, nor councilor William Oliver commented on their decisions to withdraw support from Clay mere weeks after voting for him. Oliver did indicate he would provide some response Tuesday.

The final vote will be at the next council meeting on Feb. 19.

When questioned, Clay said he does not plan to step down.


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