City Council transfers $40,000 to Carmel Police Department for anti-racism training


CARMEL, Ind. – The Carmel City council is taking unused money in the city’s budget and transferring it to the police department.

The extra money will go towards special training designed to teach officers about racial issues. 

The council’s Vice President Sue Finkam says residents expressed a desire to make Carmel more inviting. It’s why the council approved $40,000 to be transferred from the Common Council Budget to the Carmel Police Department.

It’s for a training course called “Interrupting Racism Now.”

Finkam says some officers have already taken the course.

“They came back with really high marks with their ability to think differently and maybe a little broader. Also engage in better dialogue with the community and with themselves,” Finkam said.

Finkam doesn’t want to stop there. She’s been talking with Mayor Jim Brainard about similar training classes for all city employees and elected officials.

 “We want to continue to educate ourselves not only on anti-racism efforts but also how to serve our community in a variety of different ways, whether it be the police department or other departments within the community,” Finkam explained.

Mayor Brainard says the city has always offered some sort of anti-racism training to officers and city employees.

Still, he says it never hurts to keep learning. 

Finkam is proud of the work the Carmel Police Department has already done and the ways it works to keep growing.

“I can’t think of no better economic development initiative than helping make sure we’re supporting a diverse community and make sure we’re prepared to lead in the future,” Finkam said.

The new training for officers is expected to start at the beginning of 2021.

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