INDIANAPOLIS -In 2018, India-based Infosys, a technology information service provider, announced to great fanfare that it was going to build a $245 million campus near the site of the former Indianapolis International Airport terminal on South High School Road just off Sam Jones Expressway and I-465.

A potential $100 million in state and local incentives, grants and tax breaks helped seal the deal.

”This will be not only a campus but also be a training facility and skilling and reskilling facility,” said Infosys President Ravi Kumar, flanked by Governor Holcomb and Mayor Hogsett. ”We are going to be hiring people locally.”

Three thousand people by the end of 2023, according to a $56 million grant contract signed with the Indiana Economic Development Corporation.

”Any time you’re able to add two to three thousand high paying jobs to our city, that’s a great boost for our community,” said Mayor Joe Hogsett.

”Infosys said, ‘Yes,’ to America and today they’re saying, ‘Yes,’ to the State of Indiana once again,” said then-Vice President Mike Pence who postponed an appearance in Carmel to talk about Trump economic policies to attend the Infosys announcement. ”This is a new day in America. It’s a new day for opportunities for working families, small businesses. It’s a new day for growth and opportunity.”

City County Councilor Jared Evans is still waiting for that new day to dawn on Indianapolis’ westside.

”I’d like to know where the three thousand jobs are at,” he said. “I don’t think all of them are at One America Tower, and they’re certainly not out there, so, where are they?”

Infosys has a headquarters in downtown Indianapolis and has completed construction on a training center as the centerpiece of its proposed campus that on most days appears nearly empty judging by the number of vehicles in the parking lot.

”They have built a beautiful building. They’ve got a little bit of land. They have indicated to the city that they plan to build two more buildings,” said Evans. ”We had hoped that Infosys would be a community partner, someone at the table trying to help us advance the westside, and that has just not been the case.”

Evans and westside business leaders tell Fox 59 News that Infosys has rejected attempts to participate in community events and organizations despite promises to be a good neighbor.

Mayor Hogsett’s office still has hopes for those job and community commitments.

“Corporations and organizations across the country have endured an array of challenges throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and we’ve come to understand that Infosys joins that list,” wrote the mayor’s office in an answer to a request for comment. “The city is coordinating with the State of Indiana and Indianapolis Airport Authority to ensure that Infosys’ partnership with various parties is in compliance with the terms established in the deal.  Infosys has told us they remain committed to Indianapolis as a North American hub for training and operations. When it comes to responsible corporate citizenship, the City continues to have high expectations for Infosys’ engagement with the west side community. The City is invested in the success of Infosys and recognizes that a successful Infosys is good for the west side, city, and state.”

The Indiana Economic Development Corporation maintains that Infosys has lived up to its end of the bargain on jobs.

“When we enter into a contract with a company, plans on how that company uses their facilities, etc. is left to their discretion. Infosys is currently in compliance with their contract from a legal standpoint, and that contract can be found on the IEDC transparency portal. The portal also shows the amount of incentives that has been paid/certified to date. Specific questions about Infosys’ progress will need to be answered by Infosys.”

Infosys did not respond to a request for comment.

“I understand the pandemic has changed things and if we need to restructure the deal, lets have that conversation,” said Evans, “but for whatever reason, the State says they’re in compliance, and I don’t see how.”

Infosys has yet to hold a ribbon cutting ceremony to mark the grand opening of its training center nor indicate whether its promised new employees are located in Indiana or are working remotely.

Infosys holds options on airport property for future expansion and as long as those options remain in effect, the Airport Authority cannot shop that land to other potential developers.